Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Week Four blues.

I've handed in my next story. I'm not at all happy with it because I simply ran out of time before I could wrestle it into reasonable shape. I think it's a good idea that will eventually become a good story but that's a very long way off yet. To depress myself even more, I intend to crit it myself before the session tomorrow and compare that to what comes out in the crit room .

It was 1:00 am last night before I finally burned it to disc and after that I still had to crit four stories which I hadn't even read at that stage. I gave up and went to bed, setting my alarm for 5:45 am, so I could do the crits in the morning. I'd just got to sleep and crash - thunder and lightning started and continued until around 3:00 am. I think it was gods overhead at war with lightning spears and thunderbolts. I'd doze off and then it would begin again.

As a result I'm utterly exhausted and off for a nap.


Satima Flavell said...

Clarion must be getting really, really exhausting by this stage. When you think about it, you're probably cramming at least a semester's worth and maybe more of study into six weeks. Cor blimey, no wonder you're tired!

But oh, boy, am I ever jealous! And *so* looking forward to reading all these great stories you'll bring back.

Hang in there: it's just the mid-point downer you get with every course. Second wind next week, because the winning post will be in sight by then.

Imagine me said...

You're right, Satima. The incredibly intense work level is exhausting us all - but there's no-one here who would miss it.