Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Day Eight

I'm so tired. I had to have my story ready to be handed in this morning for critting tomorrow . That's in addition to critting four more stories for this morning's session. For some reason this was a hard story to write. I had a fairly clear picture of the story arc in my head but it was difficult to bring it to a satisfactory resolution. I still have no idea if I have. It answers my questions but whether it will work for seventeen other sleep-deprived critiquers I have no idea. Too late to change anything now though.

I'm even more sleep deprived than usual because last night I slept very badly after going to bed around midnight. From 4:30 am I kept waking up at about ten minute intervals. I finally gave up trying to sleep around 5:15 am. So now I've joined the zombies and I'm finishing a load of washing before I go and have a rest since my back is playing up badly again.

After that it's on with tomorrow's crits and get started on another story to be ready for next week.

On the other han... z z z zzzzzzzzzzz


Satima Flavell said...

You've been so quiet, Helen, that I thought you must be having either a wonderful time or pretty terrible one. I'm sorry, but not surprised, that it should be the latter. When you feel like a zombie and aren't even sure the writing's working you must wonder why you're there. I guess it's important to try to keep bearing in mind that everyone we know who's done Clarion looks back on it as a positive, life-changing experience. I'm sure it will be for you and the others, too, once you get over the hump.

Imagine me said...

Thanks,Satima. Keep sending those positive vibes. Although it's an incredibly heavy workload and we're all so tired I'm learning so much. It's just having time to do things like blog, write and crit oh and sleep when there's only twenty four hours in a day.