Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Day Three

Had my story critted yesterday and got lots of useful feedback. The only trouble is with three or four crits to do a day and a story to have ready for next Wednesday applying it will have to wait until I get home. Talking of that, getting it and all the other paperwork home looks to be a challenge in itself. I have, just for this story, 18 copies each of about 20 pages when the crits are added. That's a lot of trees. I think to keep temptation away (because what I want to do, of course, is sit down and act on what has been suggested) I'm going to have to post it back.

This apartment is great fun. Lots of talk and even more laughs and we need the relaxation because the workload is heavy and the crit sessions demanding.

The day goes like this. Up in time to fit in a shower and have breakfast before we go to the Crit room by 9.00 am. Group critting and discussion until 1.00 pm. Then lunch and writing or critting for tomorrow's session unless it's your turn for the one on one session with the tutor. In between times there's the normal household chores - washing, shopping, cooking. I still haven't quite overcome my jet-lag so I'm apt to fold up around 9.30 - 10.00 pm.

Crit sessions are strictly policed with an absolute rule of what happens in the crit room stays in the crit room. We each get 2 minutes to deliver our crit, which is enough in most cases, then the tutor gives his crit followed by a short group discussion.

A tradition has developed of the students providing a meal for the tutor one night and we're doing that this evening with each floor providing a course. One of my room mates produced a yummy pumpkin soup which we served up by lamplight to help hide the most glaring deficiencies of the furniture and crockery.

I'm off now to try and get over the 1,000 word mark of my new story. Wish me luck.

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