Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Brisbane keeps its promises

Well they promised us hot and humid and now they've delivered. On Monday night it was still 28 degrees with the humidity at 80% at midnight. No wonder I felt as if I was lying in a puddle. Last night was no better but the good thing about exhaustion is that you actually end up sleeping anyway.

From my window at night I can see the lights of Brisbane and very pretty they are too. It amazes me because during the day there is always a haze. I'm not sure of its source but sometimes, like today, it has actually hidden the city all day. I keep hoping for rain but there's no sign.

I had my one on one session today and came away wishing that there wasn't someone in the queue behind me. The tutors have a very heavy workload too because they have to read all our stories for the week, conduct one on one sessions for the seventeen of us, provide instruction, do public readings, fit in a bit of social interaction not to mention all the normal stuff like cooking, eating and sleeping and they have all been incredibly generous with their time and advice. They do have one advantage over us though because they leave after a week and can revert to normal sleep patterns. We have three and a half more weeks to go and I suspect most of us will crash and burn at some time.

This weekend will be full on for us as well because it's the Aurealis Awards. Several of us are on discussion panels during the day then it's off to the Awards in the evening, followed by the Aurealis cocktail party. Since I know some of those on the short list I'm looking forward to it.

What I'm not looking forward to is tomorrow. Griffith University have booked carpet cleaners for our block. This means for starters we have to pack up everything from off the floor or where it might be knocked over. Then there's the problem of what chemicals they might use in the process. Being chemically sensitive is difficult enough in the normal flow of life but when you bring in variables with no information about them it gets even harder. One of my room mates has volunteered to come in and open windows and doors and put on the fans and the air conditioner while we sensitive souls find some other place for a few hours while the apartment airs and dries.

On a happier note my story was critted today and generally received positive comments. I won't go into the others just now since I can't apply any of what I was told yet much as I would like to be sitting here at this moment working on it. When I get home.

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