Friday, January 12, 2007

Day Five

People are flitting off for the weekend in all directions. I think 'twill be a quiet few days but maybe we'll all get some writing done and there's always the crits. We really need this break (this is a very intensive process) so we're trying to organise some more relaxing activities including a group meal on Sunday - Indian. Feeding such a diverse group has been a challenge for some of us but we seem to have found a few things we can all eat.

This afternoon was the first time I actually had a chance to look around the campus and locate a few essentials like the Post Office and Medical Centre and, even more importantly, find ways to traverse the campus without having to climb hundreds of stairs. I was sure there would be access but it isn't marked on any of the maps. Since the campus is situated on a a hillside and functions on multiple levels it is very hard to show as well so I gratefully accepted a guided tour by a helpful young man from Campus Life. It will make a great difference because up to now I've felt very much confined to the apartment and crit room except when I can cadge a lift into Garden City.

I have to say I'm in awe of the quality of the writing being produced here and I'm finding the crit sessions a real learning curve (it's a very long time since my University days) but I am learning so much. Now all I have to do is apply it.

I can smell delicious odours coming from the kitchen. Someone is cooking something good and suddenly I'm hungry so I'm off to make dinner.


Satima Flavell said...

You know, the biggest challenge for me (apart from all the weeping and wailing) would be cooking for a bunch of people. I haven't done that in years and have no desire ever to do it again. When anyone comes to visit me they get what I eat - cheese and salad!

Once when I was living at IMS (retreat centre in the States) I foolishly volunteered to help another staffie to make a meal for about half a dozen visiting teachers. Omigosh, it was over awful - my hand must've slipped with the soy sauce. They all ate it with strange looks on their faces and one of them said tentatively "very tasty". Well, yeah, if you like the taste of soy sauce in quantity.

You, OTOH Helen, are probably cordon bleu material. I hope you and the other writers all enjoyed the meal.

Have a great weekend exploring the campus!

Imagine me said...

This apartment isn't big on shared cooking, Satima - too many digestive problems to contend with - but we are usually eating at the same time. The other floors are much more communal. That said we do have to make a contribution to the regular mid-week tutor's and the Sunday night get-together meal and since the other two who can cook are away this weekend until too late to help prepare I suspect it's mainly going to be me.
Actually I quite enjoy cooking and it's got to be more creative than my writing at the moment.

Satima Flavell said...

I hope a little hiatus in creativity isn't getting you down, Helen. I guess when that happens you just have to concentrate on critting because that's a good source of learning, too. I hope you'll feel much more inspired after the weekend.

And good luck with the cooking!