Thursday, January 04, 2007

Build up

I knew things were going too smoothly. Added to my illness there have been a slew of family problems to deal with. Still I'm further advanced than I was - if not much. I've caught up with family and my closest friends. I have bags and piles of stuff all over my bedroom, the playroom and the dining room. Now I just have to get it into the appropriate suitcases.

The animals know something is up. Jaz keeps putting herself to bed and doesn't want to be enticed out even for her favourite treats. I think she remembers the last time this happened on such a scale Virgo vanished for months and suspects the same is about to happen. Little does she know that this time it will be me vanishing. On the other hand Puss, who is not known for expressing affection, has suddenly turned into a cuddling, purring smooch.

One good thing - I finally managed to track down some of the writing by the tutors so I have quite a pile of reading for the plane.

So now it's back to sorting and making out the list of household tasks Pisces wants.

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