Thursday, January 11, 2007

Of fire alarms

Today we had our second fire alarm. We're beginning to wonder if they come in threes.
The first was on Monday when burnt toast in one of the units set off the alarm. We took a little while to actually realise what was happening because there are so many beeping security alarms we initially thought it was just another. A disembodied voice ordering us to evacuate the building followed by the arrival of a fire engine sent us all racing to grab valuables - like lap-tops - then we hung around outside having no idea of assembly points etc. We do now.
Then today we were settling into the crit room when a very loud alarm sounded and we had to evacuate the building. This involved heading down six flights of stairs and consequently I'm in a lot of pain and reduced to hobbling. So I'm off to bed although most people have gathered in our common room to play games and I'm really missing something judging by the hilarity. I've just been hanging in until I could take some more painkillers. The story will have to wait until tomorrow although I'm now nearly up to the 1500 word mark.

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