Friday, January 26, 2007


We had a monumental storm yesterday afternoon. Water everywhere - in the stairwell , on our desks since the windows tend to be left open all the time, the bathroom, forming a lake in the laundry. Not that the storm was responsible for it all. At some stage during the morning someone cleaned the stairwell. This we know courtesy of the carpet cleaners who hadn't been able to get in to do the carpets because the stairwell was blocked. We're not sure what process was used but it involved a lot of water and when I came back to the flat mid afternoon water was appearing on the chairs, table, floor, pretty much anywhere. When we tracked it down we realised it was coming from the ceiling. Water must have seeped into all sorts of places where it doesn't belong because there was an alarm going off for an hour or so and water is still dripping in the stairwell this morning. Interesting.

The world is new washed now. I went outside for a few minutes just to luxuriate in the coolness. The dead leaves showered down yesterday with the rain and the trees are clean and green again. Just outside the building there is a mix of tall thin trunked eucalypts with an understory of grass trees. These sit like ladies in a congregation in their green sweeping grass skirts, new growth sticking up from the top in a spiky punk hair cut.

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Satima Flavell said...

Life is full of adventures at Clarion, It seems! I hope they are all providing inspiration for yet more stories.

Have you recovered from the asthma? I hope it stays away so you can write write write...