Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Words Fail Me

Honestly, how could anyone do something like this? I despair of people sometimes. Not only are most of these birds critically endangered so removing them from their range puts the entire species at risk but the cruelty of it beggars belief. Apparently the smuggler thinks we're all stupid, too, because he says he was only carrying two birds for a friend and knows nothing about the nineteen other birds, which were packed in the same crate.


Jo said...

So what, exactly, was this about Helen?

Helen V. said...

Did the link not work, Jo. Try this one

In case you can't access it, it's about a bird smuggler caught in Indonesia with 21 critically endangered yellow-crested cockatoos and a green parrot stuffed into plastic bottles and hidden in his luggage but he was only carrying two for a friend, or so he claims, and has no idea where the others came from.