Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More Kitchen Reno Stuff

Well, we're committed now, aren't we. We've selected the colours for the cupboards and the glass splashback - antique white for the cupboards and a luscious milk coffee for the splashback if you're interested - and paid the deposit. Now we have to go and choose the floor tiles (We're thinking of a terracotta colour. Well, Pisces is. I'm not so sure) and pull up the existing vinyl floor covering ready for the tiler to come to work. From then it will be sitting around and waiting while the cabinet makers do their thing and until the other trades come to do their bit. Oh I mustn't forget that we have to replace the old microwave which has suddenly decided to shed the wheels on its turntable.

This has been such a long winded process. We started trying to get quotes last September and couldn't even get anyone to come or, in some cases, answer phone calls or emails. But things have changed. With the slump in the economy they are suddenly more interested in getting work and we ended up spoiled for choice.

So now we wait. Let's hope it all goes smoothly.


Jo said...

Oh I hope so for your sake Helen. I can't imagine anything worse to have to go through. I like the sound of the colours, but not sure about a terracotta floor.

Helen V. said...

It has been a nightmare, Jo, As far as the floor goes we'll have to see what there is available I guess.

Jo said...

They recently redid some of our floors in the apartment. It is lino but looks like stone and it is very much the colours you talked about for the tiles etc.

Jo said...


a bit like the patterns on 4th and 5th down.

Helen V. said...

I like that, Jo. It's more in line with my thinking.