Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Kitty Update

I've just done a few calculations and realised that Angus must be seven years old - and what a handsome boy he is.

We're not sure of exactly how old he is because he was part of an abandoned litter rescued from a local marina but the vet estimated that he was 14-16 weeks old when he came to us on 14 July, 2008. He was very sweet but previous attempts to re-home him had failed because, as we later realised, he was terrified of men. We assume this was because of the way he and his sisters had been dumped and perhaps because the marina is a popular fishing spot where there are resident feral cats. Some of the fishermen take offence at their bait being stolen and they may have scared him. In any event, although he took to me quickly it was a much longer road before he accepted Pisces enough to let him touch him. Pisces was very patient and slowly - it took nearly a year - Angus came to trust him and they're now great friends.

When Virgo brought him here, I'll admit I was reluctant to take on another cat. My sweet but needy little dog and our old and somewhat neurotic cat seemed quite enough to deal with but, of course, I fell in love with him. Perhaps he came into my life for a reason because not six months later my old cat died and Angus helped fill what would otherwise have been a horrible gap in our lives.


Jo said...

Lovely moggy. I wish I still had a cat but haven't had one in many a year. Not only that, Matt is not a cat person.

Helen V. said...

that's another reason I'm so reluctant to leave this house, Jo. I can't bear to think of not having animals with me and most other accommodation means I wouldn't be able to have them.