Wednesday, May 06, 2015

An Adventurous Little Koala

When I wrote about koalas during the A-Z Challenge I didn't expect to see what happens on this video. I suppose like every animal some are more cautious or more adventurous than others. Because they are relatively sedentary creatures that we see resting or sleeping in trees during the day - this is largely as a result of their diet which doesn't contain much in the way of energy producing food - we tend to think they don't move around much but, being nocturnal, it is at night that they do most of their wandering.


Jo said...

Funny little bear. I wonder what he thought? I have seen a clip of Koalas fighting which was something I never expected from them.

Helen V. said...

There's always battles for territory, I guess. The noise fighting koalas make is quite impressive, isn't it, but they rarely do much damage to each other. A lot of it is bluff and warning off.