Saturday, May 02, 2015

Reno Start?

I'll believe it when it happens. If you've followed this blog for any length of time you'll know we've been trying to arrange 1) a kitchen refurbishment and 2) new floor coverings for over 18 months. Since the second relies on the first being done - and, in a misguided burst of optimism at the beginning of the process, I pulled up the existing floor coverings - you can understand how frustrating it has been that, after 18 months, we still have a kitchen which is falling apart and bare concrete floors.

There is - finally - hope. We've had three people come and quote, something you'd think was easy to arrange but which had proved impossible. Trades people would not return a call or answer an email when I tried to contact them or, even more irritating, would make appointments and not turn up.

The economy has changed though and, with tradies now looking for work, we've had them all but falling over themselves to be accommodating. With an agreed price we've made a choice and they've come and measured up so it looks like it will actually happen - not that, after all our trials, I'll really believe it until it's all finished. Fingers firmly crossed for now.


Jo said...

I can't imagine anything like that. How very frustrating for you. Still got any hair left?

Helen V. said...

It has been somewhat of a nightmare, Jo, but I'm hopeful things are going to go smoothly now.