Friday, May 08, 2015

How Sad

I  seem to be finding a lot that links back to my A-Z Challenge posts. It's not intentional. Things just keep turning up that connect to what I was writing about.

This one is about the harmless and very endangered pangolin which is under threat everywhere in its range. This, you might think, would mean that anyone with the capability of thought would avoid killing or otherwise harming them. Instead, sadly, the illegal trade in wildlife is flourishing and these and many other creatures are being taken and sold as pets and, even worse, are killed and sold as exotic meat.

The authorities in most areas are doing what they can to break the trade and this recent raid on a warehouse in Sumatra in Indonesia was one success. I have to say that I found the photo of thousands of frozen pangolins heart wrenching and the accompanying text makes it clear that many, many more animals - and not only pangolins because they also found bear paws - had already been sold on. Truly, I despair of humanity sometimes. At least the 96 live pangolins recovered now have a chance of a good life.


Jo said...

To me this illegal trade is one of the worst things going on at this time. What with the trade in Rhino horn, elephant tusks, the Pangolins and many other exotic animals it is horrifying. Man is definitely the biggest predator, and an idiot because soon there won't be any animals left to trade.

Helen V. said...

It's heartbreaking, isn't it. People just keep on making the same stupid mistakes and self-destructive because it's going to destroy us in the end too.

Helen V. said...
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