Monday, May 25, 2015

"Happy" Plant Update

I've been trying to post this for more than a week but blogger has been being difficult and only putting up parts of posts so my fingers are firmly crossed this time.

So as you can see my "happy plant" is now in full bloom.

All the buds I showed you in my previous blog about my "happy plant" are now open and below there is a close up of a few. Delicate and pretty, aren't they.

When I go out in the evening the perfume is heady but not overpowering. It has a certain musky undertone mixed with a sweet scent that I quite like, unlike some other folk. I guess it's down to personal preference.


Jo said...

Interesting it looks so white in one pic and then quite pink in the second. At least you like its perfume.

Helen V. said...

It is strange but the photos are fairly accurate in their colour so it must be something to do with our perception.