Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ellen Jewett Sculptures

I have seen some of the extraordinary sculptures by Canadian artist, Ellen Jewett, before but I am still stunned at how beautifully they are crafted and the richness of imagination she shows. While they are often ethereal and definitely surreal, because she is intrigued by natural history, they also have a sense of reality about them.  In fact she calls her work "natural history surrealist sculpture" and when you have a look at these exquisitely crafted sculptures you'll see what she means. There are times - not often but this is one of them - when I wish I had unlimited money and once you've had a look at these stunning sculptures I suspect you'll feel the same. I'd love a gallery to show some of these lovely pieces off.

Ellen Jewett's website and folio are here. Enjoy.


Weekend-Windup said...

I have got surprised by seeing the sculptures. They have something in their hands to make a stone into different sculptures..

Helen V. said...

They are amazing , aren't they.