Monday, April 28, 2008


Despite the pungent odour announcing that at least one rat has met its end in the roof space, we have not yet beaten the resident rodents. This morning as I sat in the family room a handsome silver grey rat raced along the wall and in behind the wall unit. By the time I peered in, it had gone and cat and dog were both now focussed on the space behind the sofa. I pulled the sofa out, dislodging the contents of the magazine rack. No sign of the rat. Decided to sort through and discard the bulk of the magazines, making a hasty trip to the rubbish bin and back before the truck turned into our street. Coming back, I slipped on an errant magazine which is how I came to break my toe.

So that does it! No more guilt. It's bad enough having a kamikaze mouse. Now a rat is making attempts on my life with magazines. It must die. The only problem is how. So far as far as I can remember I have tried the following baits: peanut butter, bacon rind, potato peel, a macadamia nut, pumpkin seeds, dog biscuits, cat biscuits and in desperation bread. Apparently this rat is a gourmet because it hasn't taken any of them but what it is subsisting on I have no idea as there is no sign of any other eaten or stolen food. But I can wait and revenge will be sweet.


Laura E. Goodin said...

You BROKE your TOE?

Indeed, the rat must die.

Imagine me said...

At last some sympathy! I reduced my father to tears of laughter when I told him about it.

Among Amid While said...

Helen, The trick is to leave the same bait in the trap for a few days. They're smart, rats, and wary of new things in their environment, so they don't take the peanut butter or cheese the night you put it out. But leave it there, with the same peanut butter or cheese, and it will get used to it and give it a try.

And then you can break your finger getting it out of the trap! :)

Imagine me said...

Thanks, Margo. I'll try it.