Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moving Madness

Having been involved in moving two family members in less than a week I definitely believe those who say that moving is one of the top three stresses of life. Given the stress levels this has caused - and my household isn't one of those shifting - I dread to think of having to pack up and move thirty years of stuff from here. So we're not. Ever. What we are going to do is drop off our respective perches and be carried out. Ideally this will take place in about forty or fifty years and we will both be carried out at the same time. Problem solved.

Joking aside, I have realised just how easy it is to accumulate "stuff", much of which is "too good to throw away". Once I have finished helping unpack everyone's multitude of boxes and encouraged a ruthless cull of what is revealed, I will be doing some serious culling of my own. From now on "I might need that sometime." will not necessarily be an acceptable answer. Everything is going to have to justify its presence, which will be an interesting if challenging experience, and if it can't it will go. Besides, now Virgo's gear is gone, we can start on those endlessly postponed renovations and a clear house will make it so much easier.

There is one problem. Because of all the delays what we want/need to do has changed. Everything needs reassessment and so, before we begin, we have to start on the round of brainstorming required to work out what we should do and in what order. Then it's quotes, discussion and decision time.

Before then though I have to rescue some unwanted potted roses from my father's house. I will need a trailer. A big one.

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