Thursday, April 24, 2008

Life Moves On

And when it does it's quick. In the space of a week my parents' house has been sold. It's mostly bare now with only a few pieces of furniture left to go. The garden is a different matter. My parents have always been enthusiastic gardeners and Dad's collection of flowering cacti is large - very large. When they aren't in bloom they are nothing much to look at but when they flower they take your breath away. He has no room for them on the balcony in his new place and I couldn't bear to think of the new owners looking at the baskets of straggly leaves hanging on the wall and dumping them as rubbish so I have rescued as many as I can.

Pisces is not impressed. "Don't you have enough already?"
Well probably but the thought of glorious blossoms draping the otherwise drab wall along the side of the house is enough reason for me.

I've also brought home all the potted roses. They will look stunning in the bed I'm planning along the brick wall on the lower level. Pisces is happier about this. I've promised him a garden seat under an arbor where he can sit and watch the world pass by. Maybe I'll join him.

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