Thursday, April 17, 2008

Magic Moment

Early morning, the sun rising in a burst of gold and gilding the trees. On the highest point of my neighbour's roof a pink and grey galah* dancing. Wings lifted wide, crest flared, it bobbed gracefully along the ridge capping, the clear dawn light outlining it in a faint dark halo. At the end it bent and swayed, wings spread wide, out over the garden below before it pirouetted around to bow to two others stepping sedately behind. One loud screech and they took off, circled and vanished behind the trees in the next door garden. Beautiful.

Another not so magic moment this morning. Cat and dog hunting behind the curtains in the dining room. Jaz jumping, as I thought, up at the glass. Chasing a fly or moth perhaps. But no. As I pulled open the curtain something fell and, on the way down, it bounced off my head to scrabble on my bare arm before hitting the floor and scampering off, cat and dog in pursuit. Another blasted mouse! Where do they come from? Well I've an answer to that having half an hour ago discovered a neatly chewed hole in the wire of the security screen door. This is despite it being wire mesh, not the less strong nylon. Aaargh!

*Pink and grey galahs are a medium sized Australian native parrot.

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