Sunday, April 06, 2008

And Again It Rained.

Oh how it rained! Between 8.00 am and 12.10 pm yesterday my father's rain gauge in the northern suburb of Padbury collected 44 mm. The rain actually started around 6.00 am and obligingly stopped about 2.00 pm just in time for the Eagles and Dockers clash in the AFL Western Derby so there was obviously much more. Perth's total was 62 mm. This is more than double our usual April rainfall and very welcome after a long dry summer. Unfortunately such a heavy downpour brings problems.
As I drove out to my father's, apart from the difficulties of the heavy rain and the obligatory handful of lunatic drivers, traffic was halted by a flood across a major road. To further complicate things two four wheel drive vehicles had tried to negotiate it and stalled in knee deep water blocking both north bound lanes and leaving two lines of traffic banked up and unable to turn around or reverse out of the tangle.
That was only a minor irritation though compared to others because the dreadful driving conditions caused a spate of traffic accidents leading to deaths, injuries and property damage. We can't survive without rain but sometimes the price is high.


Laura E. Goodin said...

Sigh. We tell, and we tell, and we tell: "The leading cause of deaths and injuries in floods is walking or driving through flood water."

Some listen.

Some do not.

Imagine me said...

I guess the 4x4 gives a sense of invincibility.