Tuesday, May 06, 2008


All day the Western ravens have been hunting, swooping and calling from roof tops, lamp posts and trees around the area. The constant cawing drives my little dog to distraction. She has a real hatred of these large black birds since one threatened her when she was a puppy and considers herself honour bound to rid the neighbourhood of any interlopers. Unfortunately the ravens have been nesting, in an ever increasing flock, in a very tall eucalyptus tree at the front of our back fence neighbour's house for several years. So picture me trying to work all day to a cacophony of more than a dozen raucous ravens, which I could swear were stirring up trouble for their own entertainment, and an hysterically barking dog throwing herself at the door whenever the ravens approached the yard - which was frequent.
Then, once night had sent the birds to bed and I settled down to catch up with my friends' blogs and LJs, I found this on Neoguardian's LJ. It's based on crows and, though I'm still not a fan of big black birds, is stunningly beautiful. Have a look.


Satima Flavell said...

What a lovely video, Helen! It reminds me of an outing I went on in Germany, to a medieval tower. Ravens cirled it constantly, but I couldn't get a decent photo of them. They melted into the air every time I tried:-)

Imagine me said...

I really connected with it too. Where I live - surrounded by bush and wetlands although we are in the middle of suburbia - we have lots of birds, some of which arrive, as white cockatoos did this morning, in shrieking, swirling flocks to feed. The clever creators of the video took it all one step further.