Sunday, June 14, 2015

We Haz a Skip Bin

and it needs to be filled so we get full value out of it before they pick it up on Monday. The kitchen reno guys had it about half filled and general "stuff" like old and worn out furniture and so on has topped it up to about three quarters. Pisces has been ranging around looking for other things to add to it - and trying to ignore the one obvious and very big item. This is all the carpet which has to go before we can put in the new floors and, since the flooring is the next job in line after the kitchen is finished and the hallway is tiled, we really need to get going.

The result is I have spent most of the day on hands and knees cutting carpet into lengths we can handle and then dumping them in the skip. If I was appalled at how much "stuff" we had accumulated when I had to empty out the kitchen for the workmen I'm equally appalled at how much more there is in my study which has to be emptied out or shifted around to get at the carpet. Add in the accumulation of something like twenty years of dirt that has made its way through and under the carpet despite regular vacuum cleaning and this has not been a pleasant task. Never mind though. There's only half of one room to go. Then we have to tackle the clutter in what is laughingly described as Pisces' study. Wish us luck.


Jo said...

I do sympathise. Rather you than me. We need new carpets but the landlord won't do it without us moving the furniture and there's no way. So we are stuck. Even moving as much as we have, you still accumulate an appalling amount of junk.

Helen V. said...

We can't move the furniture either but my daughter and son-in-law have volunteered to help us . Otherwise we'd have to pay someone and it's already costing far more than we like so we're very grateful. Thinking about your landlord refusing to do to put in new carpets unless you move things, doesn't he have an obligation to maintain the premises to a certain standard? I don't know what the situation is in Canada but, if the carpet is causing a potential danger, might he have to do something, however unwillingly?

Jo said...

I never thought of that Helen, but there is nothing dangerous about the carpet, it's just old. Mind you someone told me the carpet they put in now is not nearly as nice so maybe I should worry about it.