Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Baby goats in pyjamas playing 

Cuteness personified

Size - does it matter?



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Jo said...

Spending too much time on Facebook eh? Love the dogs. They really are cute and so enjoying themselves. They are watching her constantly. I hadn't watched the domino one before although I did see it. Baby goats in pajamas I thought wasn't fair to the goats. Don't like to see animals dressed up like that. Right, now get back to what you should be doing, stop being distracted.

Helen V. said...

Thanks for dropping by, Melody.

Helen V. said...

Definitely too much time on Facebook, Jo, and usually I'd agree about the goats but when I went to their website apparently it's part of how they care for them. Not that I can talk. I've been known to dress my cat and dog in Santa hats and scarves to take their Christmas photos.