Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Vegie Patch

So I just went out to the vegetable garden and picked a couple of lettuces, some spring onions and what I suspect will be my last handful of cherry tomatoes - yes, there will be salad later - and I thought you might be interested in seeing just what's happening out there.

So here you are.

While you can't make out what many individual plants are, there are - starting from the top left hand corner - garlic chives, honey pod peas, beetroot, rainbow chard, carrots, several types of onions, snow peas, Italian flat leaved parsley, kale, lettuce, calendulas - for their flowers (in salads and the house) and the about to be pulled out remnants of the tomatoes. Then, in the shadow of the banana leaves, there are more lettuce,  and silver beet (Swiss chard). Over the path there are spring onions, onion chives, coriander, celery, more beetroot - what can I say, we like beetroot - and more lettuce. The edging on the right is curly leaved parsley. Yet to come up in the bare patches are dill, borage, more carrots and more snow and honey pod peas.

In the far distant left hand corner - although it doesn't look like it from the photo - there is just enough room to legally put in a chook pen. I'm researching coops at the moment but I'm hoping there'll be four or five hens in residence by spring. I'll keep you posted.


Jo said...

You do have a thriving vegetable garden. Are you sure you want to go in for hens? I am told they are dirty, smelly birds.

Helen V. said...

I grew up with hens, Jo, and I've looked after my brother's and my neighbour's when they've been away at various times. I find them quite endearing but it's taken a long time for me to convince my husband we should get them.