Thursday, June 04, 2015

Of Ping Pong Balls and Mousetraps

I'm not very susceptible to advertising in general. In fact, more often than not, when they do register they irritate me so much I am completely turned off buying the product. I tend to ignore them on television, too - if I have got my laptop open, I find they give me a neat segment of time in which to do some French or German exercises. The only ads I actually pay attention to are those in the local supermarket catalogues or - if I'm in the market for a particular item - I'll check out the specific prices at retailers who sell what I want. No doubt this means I sometimes miss out on bargains but I figure it's worth it to avoid the inanity.

Sometimes, though, advertisers do get it spectacularly right. I'm thinking of ones like this First Moon Party one and these. Just make sure Tony Abbott, our Australian Prime Minister and self appointed Minister for Women, isn't watching any of those. They do mention "lady stuff" and he chokes on words like tampon as you can see here. Then there are the ads that aim to entertain as well as sell  like these and this one from Pepsi. They won't necessarily make me buy their products - in fact, apart from the Pepsi one, I have already forgotten what the products are - but they are fun to watch.



Jo said...

When ads come on TV we cut the sound. I hate them. Occasionally an ad comes up which is worth watching for itself. It being almost bed time I haven't followed your links, will try and come back for them.

Helen V. said...

I hope you enjoy them, Jo.