Thursday, December 22, 2016

Yes, We Do Care

Nearly every day something appears in my Facebook news feed along the lines of 'You people were all upset about Paris but you're not saying anything about Aleppo. You just don't care.'

I'm sorry but that's hardly fair. Every night on the news we see horrific images of the suffering of the innocent in Aleppo just as we see and hear about the horrors being perpetrated by ISIS in other parts of the Middle East. We do know about it and we care about it but it's outside our control. We can't do anything to ease this suffering however much we might want to. In the case of Aleppo it's part of a civil war and the conflict between the rebels and their own government with their external allies. ISIS is something different, of course, being driven by religious fanaticism, but again there is nothing we personally can do to assist those caught up in it. It doesn't mean that what these poor unfortunates are living through does not break our hearts - it does - and if we could do anything to help I for one - and I'm sure many others - would.

So don't assume we don't care. It's just that we can't do anything but donate to those organisations giving humanitarian aid and hope and pray that things will improve.


Satima Flavell said...

Too right, Helen! I watch the atrocities on TV and weep, but what can I do but send another small donation to World Vision or similar body? The world has always been a savage place, but now, thanks to TV, we can see daily what particular savageries are happening and where.

Helen V. said...

It's just heart breaking, Satima.