Sunday, December 18, 2016

Still Not Having Fun

So last time I posted I assumed I'd soon be back to normal after my emeregency hospital adventure. It turns out I was wrong.

I was starting to get back on my feet  - between intensive physiotherapy sessions (an important part of my shoulder recovery) I'd even managed a visit to the shops to make a start on my Christmas shopping and actually had the Christmas tree up and decorated - when I started to feel really unwell. After two days of struggling to even get out of bed, I went to the doctor. It turned out I had a raging fever - no wonder I felt so bad - and I was sent off for pathology tests and then given a course of antibiotics.

Five days on and I'm only just starting to feel a little bit better but nowhere near able to do anything more than shower and spend a few minutes looking at my slowly dying garden before I end up back in bed.

Unless things improve very soon I'm none too sure that I'll even get to our big family Christmas dinner - and for someone who LOVES Christmas this is a serious worry.


Jo said...

Oh Helen, I do hope you get better, you have a week yet. What a rotten time to get so ill. I am sending you bubbles of wellness. Just tell that fever to go away - tell it to make love elsewhere.

Satima Flavell said...

What a bummer, Helen. Just do what you can and keep up the positive thinking!

Helen V. said...

Thanks, Jo. My timing is severely off, isn't it.

Helen V. said...

Thanks, Satima. I'm just hoping I'm better for Christmas.