Friday, December 02, 2016

Happy Kitty

Since I've been home and convalescing I've been crashing quite often to the delight of my cat. He apparently missed me badly while I was in hospital and moped around not even talking to Pisces and going off his food.

Since I got home his favourite position is pressed right up against my hip. I tried to take a photo but unfortunately when you are lying down with a cat glued to you this is what you get.

Somewhat warped, isn't it, with Puss's rear end and body looking huge and his head looking as if it's somehow shrunken. Just so you know he's really quite a well proportioned and handsome fellow this is what he really looks like.

Much better, don't you think.


Jo said...

Yes I agree. Nice that he keeps you company when you crash. I miss having a pet but... sorry, being owned by a cat.

Helen V. said...

He's certainly the one in charge, Jo, but he's still a joy to have around.