Friday, May 27, 2016

'No Milk Today'

This song by Herman's Hermits - for the younger ones amongst us Herman's Hermits was a highly commercially successful British rock group in the 1960s - has been stuck in my head for the past few days and I have no idea why. All I can assume is that Pisces has had his radio on - he listens to radio stations I avoid - and it came on while I was in earshot. Anyhow it's been buzzing around in my mind for the last three days although I couldn't remember any more of it than the first line. I could have listened to the Herman's Hermits CD I found a couple of years ago in a discard bin at JB Hi-Fi (and bought for I have no idea what reason) but that would have been too easy, wouldn't it, so eventually I headed to the internet as you do and found a clip from 1966. I discovered to my surprise that it has some interesting musical ideas. I had heard the group as a youngster but I hadn't really listened critically - well, who does as a kid - but, despite some dubious choices of material by their management, I can see why they appealed and why they were among the early leaders of what is sometimes called the 1960s British rock invasion in the US before the juggernaut that was the Beatles and the Rolling Stones took over to become the headliners for British rock world wide.

So to share my earworm here is Herman's Hermits performing No Milk Today in 1966. You're welcome.


Jo said...

Not sure I want to hear this earthworm. I hate those and get enough of them on my own. Guess I listen to similar stations to those Pisces has on.

I remember Herman's Hermits very well. Used to be a favourite of mine. Of course I lived in the UK at the time anyway.

Helen V. said...

I didn't know much about them when I was growing up, Jo, and you're probably wise to reject my offer of an ear worm. It's still buzzing away in my head this evening.