Monday, May 02, 2016


You know those wonderful devices that keep the rain and sun off. What would we do without them. I am very attached to these delightful appliances. I have acquired quite a number of them over the years. Some are frivolously frilled and fringed, others are sleek and elegant while still more are patterned either subtly or dramatically - my current favourite is a very dramatic red/green tartan, and yet others are solid colours. Whatever they look like they all stand together in the hall in a large brass container given me many years ago by my parents. When I need one - like to bring in the newspaper this morning - I simply have to pick it up and use it. Brilliant.

I do have others that are less frivolous. There are two folding umbrellas in the car, one in the boot in a box of useful items - a first aid kit, matches, some shopping bags, a torch and a light weight shower proof jacket that folds into a pocket size packet and has more than paid for its original cost, while the other lives in the glove box for more immediate access.

Is this a little excessive? Probably. Am I going to get rid of any? Nope. Why not? Well, although I can't possibly use them all at once, I do use them and that's reason enough to hold on to them. In fact if I see another I like it may well come home with me. Just don't tell my husband.


Jo said...

I have quite a few brollies too although I don't think as many as you.

Helen V. said...

I don't know why I like them so much, Jo. Small pleasures perhaps.