Wednesday, June 01, 2016

And Now It's Winter

Well, even if it wasn't June 1 it's pretty clear that we're into the coldest part of the year. Puss has been spending his nights firmly pressed against my leg whether I want him there or not and I've already had to dig out the fingerless gloves so I can type. This also means Pisces and I have already begun our annual battle over just what constitutes how long the heating needs to be on. He feels the cold much less than I do - and as I get older I feel it even more - so he thinks it's quite unnecessary to turn on the heater as early as I do or to leave it on as long as I think it should be on. I'll go out of the room for a short time and come back to find the heater and the ceiling fans turned off.

It's been frustrating for both of us but I have finally found a solution. Last summer I bought and installed a wifi thermometer which shows both the outside and inside temperatures. The idea was just to keep track of the temperature for my own interest but now I can show Pisces exactly what the temperature is in the house. Bear in mind that this is a man who has been sleeping under only a sheet until about a month ago while I had long since added a quilt on top of two summer blankets. He still feels the urge to turn the heater down but now he has had to acknowledge that maybe his perception of what is a reasonable temperature is not the same as everyone else's. In fact this evening he actually came in to ask me if I wanted the heater on so I think we're on the same page. It may have taken more years than I intend to mention but we've finally got there.


Jo said...

It's a bit the same with Matt and I. He never seems to really feel the heat or the cold. However, he does let me choose what appliance is working when I need it, mostly. Occasionally when the air conditioner is on he ends up complaining his knees are freezing.

Helen V. said...

Maybe it's a man thing, Jo.