Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Australian Women Writers Challenge

I must have had a rush of blood to the head or something because, on the same day I signed up for the A-Z Blog Challenge, I signed up for this year's Australian Women Writers Challenge.

I've done this for several years and the idea is that to encourage people to read books written by Australian women you read books by these writers and then post a review on your blog. You can sign up for a specific number of reviews or do as I do and just review any books you read. Usually I have no difficulty in reviewing six to eight and I usually read more but last year... Ah last year was not my finest reading or reviewing year. I didn't get to read many books at all for some reason and reviewed even less.

This is unusual for me because I usually read on average two new books a week and last year it just didn't happen. There were some special circumstances - health issues and house renovations didn't leave much spare time - but also what I did read didn't often come within the challenge rules as I tended to read non-fiction and a fair bit of Nordic noir crime for some reason.

Still that was last year. I have eleven months to do a better job - and that reminds me, my library card needs up-dating. Wish me luck.

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