Sunday, February 21, 2016

More About Sunflowers.

After the corellas wiped out my sunflowers I left the sad stems in place to give some little bit of shade to the one butternut squash plant that managed, by some miracle, to survive the 40° C heatwave. One stray sunflower bud missed the corella destruction and it's now in glorious flower. See?

That was what I expected but what did surprise me (since in my experience sunflowers usually only have one flower) was this little blossom tucked in among the leaves of one of the beheaded plants.

Apparently sunflowers are hardier than I thought and I noticed this morning several of the other plants have buds, too. Yes, they are very small but what an inspiration that a plant that has gone through so much is still managing to produce a flower or, in some cases, two. Whether they'll manage to set seed is another question, of course, but I'm leaving them where they are. I think they deserve the chance, don't you.

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