Saturday, February 06, 2016

And I Have ...

a new library card.

I stopped going to our local library about five years ago when funding cuts and a major cull meant that the shelves were somewhat bare. I assume this didn't last long but I am a very fast reader and it had reached the point where I literally couldn't find anything new to read so I gave up, resorting to buying e-books instead.

The thing is, though, that while e-books are light weight and very useful in doctors' waiting rooms or while travelling, they have one serious fault which is that a flat battery means you might as well be carrying around a blank piece of cardboard. Buying so many, even at e-book prices, was starting to become a bit of a financial burden too.

So I decided yesterday that it was time to go back to the library. Now my library card was around twenty five years old and, at the point I left off going, they were beginning to switch over to new, whizz bang, computerised self checkouts and new glossy cards to match so I assumed that it would need to be replaced if they hadn't already wiped me off the system altogether.

I wandered up to the enquires desk and proffered my card, explaining why I was there. The girl did a double take and called over a colleague to inspect this ancient artefact and they decided I would have to rejoin. So I started to fill out the paper work while they played around with the card - and found to their astonishment that it still worked. Apparently the barcode, battered and scraped as it it was, still functioned. They said I could keep using it or upgrade to a shiny new one. It was a no-brainer really and so now, I have a new library card in my purse and easy access to lots and lots of new books. What more could I want.


Jo said...

Our library system is great. It involves lots of libaries in the area and they can borrow books from an even bigger area if they don't happen to have them with the result that the cover a large section of southern Ontario. Always amuses me that I get ILL books - originally I though that meant they were damaged in some way then I finally wised up to International Library Loan. I too read a lot of e books but it's nice to have access to free books too. Don't usually have flat battery problems, my Kindle seems to go on forever.

Helen V. said...

Our library system isn't quite that wide reaching, Jo, but we can order books from all six libraries in our area so it's not too bad.

Maybe I need to upgrade my Kindle - it's pretty ancient - because it only lasts a few days from a recharge, used or not.