Sunday, August 23, 2015

NASA Emissions Video

This stunningly beautiful video animation shows the movement of airborne aerosols, both natural and man made emissions, around the Earth from September 1, 2006 to April 10, 2007 and some of the effects. While it may be lovely, its accompanying message is frightening because it show how what humanity does anywhere in the world can have unintended impacts elsewhere even affecting climate. Have a look here and see what you think.


Jo said...

It is a lovely video but as you say, very scary. Reminds me of the saying about a butterly flapping its wings and causing a hurricane the other side of the world. We humans really are a blot upon the world aren't we? I know it is not all human made, but a lot of it appears to be caused by human activities.

Helen V. said...

Humanity is certainly not helping - and here we have a Prime Minister who sees coal as the way of the future. It's as if he's living in the 1800s!