Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bangkok Bombing

We woke this morning to the news that there had been a bomb set off in a Hindu temple in Bangkok. This sent shivers through us because we have family living there and we had no idea of how close they were or even if they had been caught up in it. We were fortunate. We had a message from them to say that they were fine. The temple is about 10 minutes from where they live and, although they walk by it nearly every day, they were safely at home. The explosion was like loud thunder, they said, and initially they thought it was the beginning of a storm.

This all brought back memories of when we had sat waiting for Virgo to contact us after the 2005 London bombings and we were very grateful that this time we were able to be contacted quickly. I've spent much of the morning relaying the message to other family members since several are technophobes and don't have the internet connected let alone Facebook.

We're the lucky ones, of course. Our family is safe but my heart goes out to all those who have lost family or been injured. What possible purpose can this sort of attack have other than to create fear? And how anyone can justify the murder and maiming of those who have no part in whatever struggle these people are involved in is beyond me. Yes, I do understand that sometimes - well, often - the innocent suffer in a war, but, no matter whether you agree with a war or not, there is a difference in attacking one another as part of an armed conflict and planting a bomb in a city where people are peacefully going about their daily business. That is disgusting and abhorrent and anyone who does such a thing, in my opinion, lacks basic humanity.

The whole thing so often comes down to intolerance. My belief is right and you have to believe what I do and if you don't, I'll make you suffer until you do. This is crazy, people. Why can't we all accept that, unless a belief causes actual - as opposed to perceived - harm to others, we can live and let live?


Jo said...

I was horrified at the bombing news too but of course don't know anyone there. I am so glad your family is OK. I do so agree with you, attacking total innocents like that is just plain terrorism and has nothing to do with resolving any conflict but simply with creating fear.

Helen V. said...

It's just incomprehensible to me, Jo, and ultimately counter-productive.