Friday, August 21, 2015

Karrinyup Writers Club

Yesterday I did a marathon. No, not a running marathon - I can barely walk at the moment let alone run - a writing marathon. I love these sessions for the inspiration they bring and my friend Lyn was organising it on behalf of the Karrinyup Writers Club where I have been a member for twenty one years. Wow! That's a long time, isn't it.

I owe so much to this group of writers who on one hand fearlessly critique and on the other offer encouragement. We rejoice in other's successes and console when the inevitable rejections land and dump on our precious literary babies. In my time as a member I've been part of running competitions for writers, celebrated when my fellows have won competitions or had their books published and had my own successes celebrated in turn. I can't emphasise enough how valuable a support group like this is to a writer. They lift you up when you are down - and, let's face it, writing involves a lot of downs - and their encouragement keeps you going. I'm so grateful that my first writing teacher, Pam Steenbergen, introduced me to this group. I've grown as a writer because of my time as a member.

Karrinyup Writers Club has just had its thirtieth anniversary, which is a quite incredible achievement in longevity for such an organisation and it has much to do with how it was set up. The constitution restricts full members to twenty who are expected to attend regularly - meetings are held once a week for three hours - while those who have been full members but are unable to keep up such a commitment can become associates, attending when they can. This is means members have to be committed - always a good thing. Full members come and go, of course, but it's an indication of the value of the Club that there are members of much longer standing than me.

Happy anniversary, Karrinyup Writers.



Jo said...

Interesting group. It's great that's lasted so long.

Helen V. said...

We are quite proud of the club. Jo, and it has nurtured a number of writers across all genres.