Thursday, August 06, 2015

I'm Sorry

I didn't realise how long it had been since I blogged. It's been very hectic around here because I decided it was time to address a few things that needed doing and, as always happens, one thing leads to another. At least I've been productive even if it is not the sort of effort that has much to show for it - at least so far.

To make up for my neglect I give you some links.

A mention of this man came up on my Facebook Newsfeed today. These and these are the work of Johnny Clasper, a UK stonemason and sculptor. Among other techniques he uses dry stone walling and how he manages to make some of his structures without using any bonding agent amazes me.

Next someone put up some photos of miniature donkeys. Oh the cuteness. It led me to these and this. You can really use a team of them to pull a wagon?

Then, while I was researching wildcats - a long story - I found this YouTube video of a Pallas cat investigating a wildlife researcher's camera. The Pallas cat or manul is a small wild cat native to the steppes and mountains of Central China and Mongolia and this video gives more information about them.



Jo said...

I posted a link to the pallas cat a while ago. They are an interesting animal. Haven't checked your links yet though.

Helen V. said...

They are, aren't they, Jo. They look like a huge ball of fur.