Friday, April 03, 2015

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Conventioning

Or should that be conventioneering? Probably neither. What prompted this flight of fancy is it's Easter and that means Swancon. Never heard of it? Then let me inform you.

Swancon runs for the four days of the Easter long weekend and is the annual convention of WASFF - the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation - a busy time for those of us in Western Australia interested in speculative matters especially those who write and/or read speculative fiction. Conventions are run all over the world and range from small local affairs - one I was involved in running was only one day - to worldcons which run for five days or longer and bring in people from all over the world. They all, though, aim at promoting speculative fiction and give an opportunity for authors, readers and gamers to get together and share ideas and interests. Some are more focussed on costumes or gaming while Swancon has writing panels, a gaming stream and a well thought out children's program - but they all celebrate speculative fiction whether written, in games or from television and movies.

This year Swancon is forty which is quite an achievement for a con in a relatively isolated part of the world - have a look at a map and you'll see Perth probably deserves its reputation as the most isolated capital city in the world. Its Guests of Honour include multi award winning American author, John Scalzi and best selling Australian author, Kylie Chan.

Another convention I really like is Conflux in Canberra. Its focus is very much on writing and I get there as often as I can. Relatively small, it's friendly and gives me an opportunity to catch up with other writers on the east coast.

These are only two of a number of conventions in Australia. Much as I'd love to go to them all distance (and the inevitable cost of travelling) stops me.

But Swancon is on here now. Want to guess where I'm going to be tomorrow?

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