Monday, March 02, 2009

Wendy Richard

I have just read that has Wendy Richard passed away from cancer. It brought back so many memories especially of her days as the flirty, sexy Miss Brahms in the sitcom Are You Being Served and the early days of the BBC soap Eastenders where she played Pauline. My interest in Eastenders soon disappeared but I continued to admire the versatility of Wendy Richard, who having previously played a variety of minor roles, (in the Carry On movies among other things) effortlessly transformed herself from the sexy girls of those parts into the dowdy, matronly Pauline showing her considerable performing range. It makes the point I think that we underestimate the ability of soap actors. They work for the most part with frankly unbelievable story lines and yet create characters who become real to their viewers. Considering the millions who tune into them that's quite an achievement.

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