Sunday, March 08, 2009


I have observed the following:

1. An adult raven can bathe in the bird bath albeit with great difficulty but much enjoyment.

2. Jaz has learned that dropping one piece of banana in hopes of being offered more does not work. Either it will be taken away by the boss or the cat will try to get it.

3. Angus (the nearly grown up kitten) has discovered that while dogs lurve banana, cats do not.

4. Angus loves to play with plastic bags to the point of stealing them from the tube shaped storage bag. They are even better when filled with shredded paper.

5. Muscat grapevines, when thwarted in delivering their bumper crop by birds and rodents, will sometimes set another, although not so prolifically.

6. A creek lilly pilly in full blossom is a wondrous sight.

7. An upturned flower pot in an overgrown garden bed is a serious threat to a small Cav. It's even worse when someone sprays it with a hose so it makes frightening hollow sounds - then laughs.

8. Perpetual spinach will grow successfully in a large pot. Guess what we are having for dinner.

9. Men and women shop for food entirely differently - even with a specific list - but at least we won't starve.

10.I have an irrational hatred of the phrase "Very much so".

11.Rose fertiliser works so much better on roses than ordinary fertiliser. Who'd have thought it.

And now I am going to have my lunch before a nap to rest my brain. I'm guessing you wish I'd done it in the opposite order.

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