Sunday, March 22, 2009

Media Responsiblity

Sexy photos purported to be of a young Pauline Hanson were printed in a number of newspapers this week. I'm not much into scandal so I didn't bother to read the story but apparently a lot of people did. Then other media outlets jumped in to take their bite. In the end it was impossible to ignore what had happened as the details appeared in news bulletins all over the place.

Most disturbing to me is that anyone actually bought these photos in the first place.

I don't agree with Ms Hanson's politics in any way but certain sections of the media seem to delight in seeking to embarrass her (and many other public figures) at every turn and in areas that have no connection to public life. Even if they had been genuine what possible relevance to anyone are some sexy photos taken over thirty years ago of a very young woman to the person she is today? The invasion of privacy is nothing short of outrageous.

To make matters worse the person who authorised the purchase is quoted in this morning's newspaper as saying he always said that if the photos turned out not to be of Ms Hanson he'd be the first to apologise. So now they've proven it he's saying sorry. That is supposed to make up for a week of scandal and humiliation where the story was taken up by other media outlets as well, is it? Not in my book. I hope Ms Hanson sues them and wins.

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Satima Flavell said...

Amen to that, Helen. To publish such pictures at all, let alone without proof of their subject, is really, really, bad form.