Sunday, July 01, 2007

Of Storms and Blue Moons

Coastal Australia is being inundated by winter storms. The East coast is awash with flooding and king tides while here on the west coast we're still way under our rainfall for the year with most of the inland farming and pastoral areas everywhere pretty much gripped by drought. We have had some rain over the last few weeks in Perth though and this afternoon a severe cold front is expected. We have been advised to stock up on batteries and candles because there are likely to be power failures. The last time such a strong front came through was, if I remember correctly, in May 1994 and areas of the city were without power for over a week. We shall see what happens.

On another note, I remembered to go out last night during a gap in the clouds and look at the moon. Sadly I have to report that I have been the victim of false advertising. A blue moon is, I am disappointed to tell you, just the normal colour. Should I send in a report to Consumer Affairs? As well I think someone should be sued for my distress and mental anguish at this deception by the media and meteorologists which has been going on all my life. $10,000,000 should cover it.

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