Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Life Can Be Frustrating Sometimes.

I've just had a very frustrating morning because I went to log in to my ISP account and it refused to accept my password. Since I already had an issue with them because I couldn't reset another password associated with the same account after they had 'fixed' a previous problem I was not a happy little camper. Much ranting and venting brought Pisces and the cat to find out what was the matter. Now they both no doubt meant well but as neither has any knowledge of the mysteries of the internet having them sitting there looking on did not really help the situation. To make matters worse the website  - as is so often the case - didn't actually have any useful way to work out my problem or, for that matter, even provide an easy way to contact them. Well, there was a live chat option but the combined problems were so complex I was pretty sure I'd be sitting here typing for hours. I gave in in the end, of course, and went to chat. It did take quite a while and I still can't access my account or change my password but the good news is that it isn't my account or computer that are to blame. It's the ISP. The upshot is that eventually they will fix things at their end and then my worries will be over. Do I believe that? Hmm, I'll just have to wait and see, I guess.

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