Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sleep Deprivation Rates as Torture, Doesn't It?

To give some context I've been sleeping badly lately - for lots of reasons I won't go into - and I'm struggling with the after effects.

In the circumstances I will share this instead of trying to write a coherent post. Arachnophobes don't look. Spider eating mouse. I'm pleased to say the hunstmen where I live are nowhere near this big and only eat moths and flies.

On a more pleasant note we have tadpoles in the garden pond. Our resident motorbike frog had been calling and calling over the last month or so and has obviously attracted a lady friend - or more likely several lady friends given there are three different sizes of tadpoles enthusiastically feasting on the algae in the pool. I tried to take a photo but it turns out that muddy brown taddies do not show up well and all I got were pictures of clumps of green algae.


Jo said...

I didn't look at the spider. Don't want to be grossed out. Sorry you haven't been sleeping well, it is torture I agree although mostly I am lucky enough to have no problem.

Helen V. said...

I'm not nervous about spiders, Jo, but I'm very glad we don't have any the size of that one. I'm glad you sleep well. It makes life so much better when you wake up refreshed.