Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I looked out my back door the other morning and the poppy bed was positively glowing in the early morning light. The sky had been grimly grey for the most part but the sun had broken through a gap in the clouds and illuminated the whole bed for just a few minutes. So I grabbed my phone - no time to get the camera in case the light disappeared - and took some photos.

This is only a tiny fraction of the bed and I didn't think it did the flowers justice so I went closer in.

This needs cropping but it captures something of the light on the blossoms.

I wanted more and found sunlight gilding this flower. Pretty isn't it.


And here's one with a bee busily at work. 

The sun disappeared then and everything dulled but for those few minutes the flowers were glorious.

We have rain forecast for later in the day so most of the flowers won't last long - they'll just be a crimson carpet of petals on the paving surrounding the bed - but there will be more to enjoy tomorrow. The poppy season isn't very long and now the weather is starting to warm up they'll soon be gone but what joy they bring while they are here.


Jo said...

I have a friend in England for whom poppy is her favourite flower. She would love these pix but is on vacation at the moment.

The do look lovely.

Helen V. said...

They are lovely flowers, Jo. Such a rich range of reds.