Thursday, June 30, 2016

Linky Links

Because these things either delighted or amused me - and, yes, I probably should warn you that sometimes it takes very little to amuse me. Also I do know some have been around for a while.

Long Ma the dragon - one of French company La Machine's spectacular large size puppets. If you scroll down on the page you can see it in action.

Dog and Australian magpie playing This brought back memories of the tame magpie we had living in our yard when I was a child. Maggie had sustained several injuries that meant she couldn't fly and she lived with us for a number of years protected from harm by her best friend - our dog.

Then this baby elephant at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand having fun in a tub of water until Mum decides he's been playing for long enough.


Jo said...

Fun links. Seen some of them on Facebook.

Helen V. said...

I'm not surprised you've seen them before but except for the dragon I hadn't. I found them trawling YouTube.