Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sudden Death - It Makes You Think.

We - my husband and I - were deeply shocked by the tragic death of a very dear friend a couple of days ago in a particularly horrific accident. I won't go into details but it's given me a serious jolt. This was a man happy in his life, well respected by the larger community, who was going about his daily routine when his life ended abruptly. We last saw him about a month and a half ago and had plans to catch up soon and now we can't. Everything has changed, literally in a flash.

It's made me think about our lives. We've slid into something of a rut lately and maybe it's time we woke up and climbed out of it. There have been reasons, some quite genuine, but, if I'm honest, much of it's been simply not making enough effort or letting things overwhelm us. Life seems infinite when you're living it and just muddling through each day but, of course, it's not. It could end at any minute. I think it's time to do all those things we've been putting off because they seemed too hard. I've started a list and I'm making plans. We're none of us immortal so why not join me? You've nothing to lose.

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