Sunday, May 18, 2014


I'm not well today so here are some links to enjoy via some of my favourite blogs.

First is from US fantasy author, Jim C. Hines.  I visit his blog often. He has no problem with saying what he thinks about social issues and it's worth reading for that alone but he also puts up Friday links of what he calls cool stuff and these always amuse me. So, via his most recent Friday post, I share this link to some extraordinary sand sculptures and this one of cuddling dogs while from the previous Friday comes this where cats and dogs show that they can be friends.

Then there's this via Australian author, Tansy Rayner Roberts, whose blog is another favourite. She gives interesting links to what's happening in the writing world as well as issues relating to women. I've recently read her short story collection, Love and Romanpunk, and I'll do a review soon. In this link magazine readers tweeted their version of how headlines about well known women should read as opposed to the - as they put it - 'snarky' headlines that so often feature in gossip magazines.


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